SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE MINISTRIES - Moving in the Spirit of Excellence
Bishop Price D. Womack was born in the state of Pennsylvania where he obtained all of his education. He joined the United States Air Force in 1986 and served in Goldsboro, NC at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.
He received the Holy Ghost and was water baptized in Jesus Name in December of 1986. It was then Dion Womack started his dedicated walk in the Lord under the leadership of his Father in the Gospel Bishop Donnell Worrell, Sr.
Continuing to obey the call of the Lord, Jr. Deacon Dion Womack was licensed as a minister in July of 1998 after his initial message entitled,
“And His Name Is Jesus”. While serving as a minister he continued to his education in Theology and was later ordained an Elder.  Elder Womack has ministered to thousands of souls up and down the eastern seaboard and many people were delivered and filled with the Holy Ghost through the preached Word of God.  From 1994-1998, Elder Dion Womack served as assistant pastor at Emmanuel Apostolic Church and was later installed as pastor at Emmanuel Apostolic Church #3 in 1998.
In 2003, Elder Dion Womack was installed as Pastor at what was formerly known as True Holiness Assembly. The name was changed to Spirit of Excellence Ministries of The Church of God And True Holiness under the leadership of the Honorable Chief Apostle A.E. Dixon, Sr.  During the 81 National Holy Convocation in 2008, was placed as District Elder in North Carolina. On January 13, 2010, District Elder Dion Womack was elected in Baltimore, Maryland at the Leadership Conference as Bishop-elect by Apostle Brant and was second by Apostle Pratt and Apostle Faison.
On June 25, 2010 Bishop-elect Price Dion Womack was consecrated to the office of Bishop in Fredericksburg, Virginia and was placed over the North and South Carolina Diocese at the 83 National Holy Convocation and serves on the Board of Executives for the Church of God and True Holiness and currently serving as the National Recording Secretary. Bishop Womack is married to the former Donna Lynn Worrell and to this union 2 beautiful daughters were added, Dionna and Erica Womack. Bishop Womack has been faithful and a blessing to the Church of God and True Holiness family.
Bishop Womack is currently senior pastor at Spirit of Excellence Ministries of The Church of God and True Holiness and has a heart for people to be “KINGDOM MINDED”.
The Spirit of Excellence Ministry is growing stronger each and every day as “WE MOVE IN THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE”!!!!
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